Why the name? What is a project advocate?

Rather than a name that recognizes the contributions of the principals of the firm, Project Advocates was named to better describe our approach of providing construction management services.


Noun \ proj-ekt, -ikt \
d: an undertaking, esp. one involving considerable money, personnel, and equipment


noun \ad-və-kət \
d: one that defends or maintains a cause

Each project has its own unique challenges and opportunities.

Our vision is to provide a menu of professional construction management services for our customers based on the needs of the project.  We customize our services, and partner with other firms when applicable, to best meet our clients’ project objectives. The size of our firm and experience of our principals allows us to collaborate with all stakeholders to ensure the project objectives relative to time, cost, quality and risk are met.

Most would agree that every project deserves an advocate.

How we ACHIEVE our Objectives

  1. We can be trusted to provide accurate information and we consistently deliver on our promises.

  2. We have fun and are passionate about improving ourselves and our processes.

  3. We value all team members and hold ourselves accountable.

  4. We are generous within our community and to those who support our success.

  5. We will lead, organize, inform and motivate the collective team in the efficient completion of the projects we are privileged to serve.

We differentiate ourselves by putting our reputation ahead of revenue and seeking to work for those who value and most need our services to fulfill their missions.

Our Construction Management SErvices

  1. We leverage our talent, time and treasure for our clients, adding value well in excess of our costs.

  2. We consistently work for clients that value our services and have a positive impact on our community.

  3. We maximize the investments of our clients, enhancing their contributions to our community and others.

  4. Our project objectives are clearly defined and consistently achieved with a strong and experienced Project Advocate.

  5. We are the most recommended project manager in the market segments we serve.

Company Profile

Project Advocates is a company focused on providing high level Construction Management Services.

Company Ownership
Project Advocates LLC is a small business enterprise. John Taylor is the primary capital investor and President of the Management Team and Rob Zimmerman is Vice President. Radd Way joined Project Advocates in 2016 as a Principal focused on Kansas City area services. Phil Miller joined Project Advocates in 2017 as a Principal focused on North Texas area services.

Company Locations and Facilities
We are based in Omaha, NE and have opened offices in Overland Park, KS and Dallas, TX. To better serve our customers, we have satellite offices at the facilities of several of our clients.

Project Advocates can offer the construction management services expertise to any organization as required to meet its project management needs.